Mt. rigi

Ann grew up enjoying downhill skiing so that and her love of dogs made the transition to mushing easy. She chose to field her team with Siberian Huskies because she also wanted to compete in Obedience and Conformation which both require a purebred dog.

Ann 1st Race

First Race – 1976

Ann started training dogs in Obedience in the early 70’s and earned Companion Dog degrees on ‘hard to train’ breeds including Siberians and a Borzoi.  Her Borzoi also competed in Open Field as well as Lure Coursing events earning a Lure Coursing Championship.

Ann enjoys both sprint and middle distance racing.  Along with husband, Al, they developed Northome on Windhill Kennels which is the home of their racing Siberian Huskies.  

                                                                                                                                                                                            AI Team 2013

Ann’s accomplishments include several race wins in the 4 & 6 dog purebred sprint classes as well as high placements in races open to all breeds including both limited sprint and middle distance events.  In 2003, she and Al trained and Al raced a purebred Siberian Husky team in the Open North American championships in Fairbanks, AK..  The is the first time a team of all Siberian Huskies has raced that event for many years.  Ann has always prided herself on trying to put a well trained team on the trail whether  it is for a race or a Sunday afternoon picnic.



 In 1992, Ann supplied dogs and was a full time trainer for Walt Disney’s production of Iron Will.

Iron Will 1

Northome Siberians were the double dogs for the main team in the movie, Iron Will.

Iron Will

Ann (right) in costume, doubling Will in the movie, Iron Will.








Ann was involved for many years with her local humane society fostering dogs and temperament testing dogs for placement.


     ATCH Diamond Aire Jae – 4/15/2012



           PDCH Diamond Aire Jae – 6/5/2016




Ann’s current dog interests, besides sled dogs, include Agility and Herding.  With very little trialing, she and her Australian Shepherd – Jae – have competed and are titled in USDAA, NADAC, ASCA and UKI.

Ann’s training philosophy can be summed up as follows:

If you can’t have fun – STAY HOME!