WHAT IS BOOT CAMP?Mushing Boot Camp 2007 038


Boot Camp is 4 day training camp as we feel this is a minimum to see results.

Price: $ TBD depending on the site per team. Some of our sites include lodging and food so the fee would reflect this. Please access the Registration Page as well as the Site Location Page for the Camp you are interested in for information regarding fees and availability.

Limit: 8-10 Teams* per Camp


We keep the groups small so that we can concentrate on the one-on-one work that is crucial to problem solving. We recommend that you keep your ‘team’ small.

*Team: A team is a group of dogs run by one person, a couple or a family. Please limit the family members to those working with the dogs. Due to time constraints, two family members is preferable for the individual work. The other family members are encouraged to work with a parent/spouse/significant other/friend after learning a skill. We recommend keeping the team small and working with your problem dogs. We recommend that you do not put several small groups of dogs together and make a team. Believe me, you will create more problems than you already have and overall you will be disappointed with the results. If you routinely combine your dogs with a friend to make a team, this situation will work at Camp.  Include the dogs whose behavior you want to modify.




The science of dog training is the tangible part, a starting place, so that you can develop your own style. You will start to see the art evolve as you learn good timing with commands, the importance of praise and positive reinforcement, and finesse with each different training challenge you meet. We create an safe atmosphere where you are encouraged to try different training techniques so that you can add new tools to your training tool box. Keeping a smile on your face at Boot Camp is a requirement for good training! You will gain hands on experience and build more confidence in yourself and your team. Mushing Boot Camp offers you a training base so that you can develop your own style (art).


In developing your individual style you will use your imagination to turn your problem into a positive training opportunity. We encourage you to expand your training skills through experiencing many different training situations. Bottom line – dog training should always be a satisfying learning experience for both dogs and people no matter what your skill level. The team effort – dogs and people – is always encouraged at Camp.



Jamie and Ann have the same training philosophy: They don’t avoid problems; they tackle them head on and try to solve them. They believe that a good trainer must be fair to their dogs. In giving a dog responsibility, you must be able to show them the job you want them to do and make sure they have a clear and precise understanding of what you want. How do you go about that? That’s where Boot Camp comes in. You must also understand that the dog is never wrong. Those words alone leave most people without a clear training plan and scratching their heads. Jamie and Ann will give you a clearer training plan to help you start on a proven pathway to success.




We have had some people ask us if this Camp is for them so we have come up with some questions that you can ask yourself:

  • Do your dogs stop running when you ask them to go?
  • Does your leader seem to think that it is his full time job to mark every tree and bush on the trail?
  • Do you have 2 or more dogs that cannot be run next to each other because they fight?
  • Does your team stop on an uphill?
  • Do your leaders-team dogs like to chase things on the trail?
  • Do your leaders-team dogs refuse to pass other teams?
  • Do your leaders-team dogs lose interest or stop before the run is over?
  • Do you even have a leader?
  • Do your dogs stop the team to drink out of puddles on the road? Or chase a stray dog?
  • Do your leaders-team dogs know ‘on by’? Gee/haw?
  • Do you have a dog (or dogs) that flat out refuse to run?
  • Do your dogs eat all of your equipment if you don’t have help to hook up your team?
  • Do your dogs pull your rig away while you are off of the rig trying to correct a problem in the team?


Some of our goals at Boot Camp are: FINDING LEADERS IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD; problem solving with AGGRESSIVE/dominant dogs and SUBMISSIVE/passive dogs; teaching GEE/HAW, GEE OVER, ON BY, LINEOUT, as well as general basic sled dog training with an emphasis on teaching your dogs to WORK. These are the same training techniques that we use to train our own sled dogs and prepare our race teams.




“Control is a gift

The finest control is a delicate grip on chaos

Control must be prepared for, trained, invoked”

from Nop’s Hope by Donald McCaig