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"The improvement we saw in our team over the course of Boot Camp was encouraging, exciting, and exhilarating."

Scott Brown


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(218) 525-2139
Camp Information
Mushing Boot Camp is a four day intensive clinic which offers you hours of hands on experience training your dogs with your equipment guided by experts Jamie Nelson and Ann Stead. The Camp also features discussions about training, conditioning, equipment, nutrition, kennel management, health issues and much more. Your instructors are two seasoned professionals with over 80 years combined experience in sprint and distance dog mushing. You are assured of getting the full benefit of their expertise through one-on-one training as well as group instruction.

Training Philosophy
The science of dog training is the tangible part, a starting place, so that you can develop your own style. You will start to see the art evolve as you learn good timing with commands, the importance of praise and positive reinforcement, and finesse with each different training challenge you meet. We create an safe atmosphere where you are encouraged to try different training techniques so that you can add new tools to your training tool box. Keeping a smile on your face at Boot Camp is a requirement for good training! You will gain hands on experience and build more confidence in yourself and your team. Mushing Boot Camp offers you a training base so that you can develop your own style (art).


Scooter training

Boot Camp Dates

October 13 - 16, 2016 

              Togo, MN



Why Attend
- Are you in need of leaders?
- Do your leaders stop?
- Do your dogs fight?
- Do your dogs socialize when passing?

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